“Not since I read the stories of Breece D’J Pancake nearly thirty years ago have I felt so strongly about the debut of a writer of short fiction as I do Wayne Harrison. Among his many unforgettable characters are single mothers, young mechanics, ex-cons, recovering addicts and alcoholics, correctional officers, and a widower trying to do all he can for his toddler son. These stories crackle with a hard-earned and earthy specificity, one that suffuses Harrison’s world with a light so authentic the reader cannot help but be transformed. But what I admire most about this superb collection is its profound humanity, its author’s non-judgmental, compassionate, and unflinching gaze. Wayne Harrison is the real deal, and I will now read whatever he writes.”
— ANDRE DUBUS III, #1 New York Times Bestselling author

“Devastating stories that hit like a hammer, again and again, with characters that walk off the page. Wrench has all the truth, drama, and emotional drive you could ever want out of fiction, without any of the pretense. Harrison is the best young writer I've come across in a long while.”

— JONATHAN EVISON, New York Times Bestselling author of West of Here, and The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving


“The world Wayne Harrison creates in his stories is filled with hard-working, big-hearted, folks who might've been fine if not for a wrench in the works of their life. With strong and straight sentences that remind me of Carver, and an authenticity to match the work of Breece D'J Pancake, Wrench is brutal and beautiful, tough and tender, and one of the finest collections I've read in years.”

– ALAN HEATHCOCK, Award-winning author of VOLT

“Wayne Harrison is the real deal. His irresistible blue-collar stories come straight at you, and you don’t question a word. They barrel forward with so much truth and candor they intertwine with your own memories. This is one of the best collections I've read in a while.”
— JIM LYNCH, Bestselling author of Before the Wind and Truth Like the Sun

“Wayne Harrison has the rare ability to give us life as actually lived day to day, with all its threadbare passions, confusion, and shudders of almost-understanding.  These are great stories, creating in a few thousand words whole worlds and lives.  Harrison knows intimately the many ways we wear our lives thin then patch them up, again and again.”

— JAMES SALLIS, Award-winning author of Drive and the Lew Griffin novels

“Like Carver, Harrison has a gift for evoking working-class lives in all their disorientation, threat, and quietness. And like the later Carver, his focus is on generosity, on moments when lives intersect and expand. Tragedy here isn't meanness but can be the ache of wanting to help someone and having to watch them destroy themselves anyway. These stories are elegant and powerful and ultimately about our resilience.”

— DAVID VANN, International best-selling author of Goat Mountain and Aquarium


“Wayne Harrison’s Wrench is one of the hardest-hitting collections I’ve read in years, a fierce, unsentimental evocation of working class lives. But reader, be advised: there’s no tough-guy posturing here, no authenticity-as-affectation; instead, Harrison affords his characters their full human due, and finds grace in equal measure to disappointment and loss. An outstanding collection.”
— ANTHONY VARALLO, Award-winning author of Think of Me and I’ll Know Everyone Was There

​“Wrench proves that Wayne Harrison knows what it takes to keep cars and stories running smoothly. He also understands the working of the human heart, and the result is a collection filled with stories that are authentic and compelling.”

— LARRY WATSON, New American Fiction Prize Final Judge and author of As Good as Gone and Let Him Go

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